The mission of KineteK is to develop new solutions for robotic-aided training and rehabilitation. Our systems are based on novel robotic components leading to therapy devices with high ergonomics and usabilit.

Thanks to the design of training intervention procedures that make use of serious game technology and Virtual Reality we can offer high motivational environments the rehabilitation exercise is contextualized. More in detail our devices address the following goals:
[Task-oriented training]: Task oriented training is essential to enhance motor learning. The unique combination of robotic interfaces with computer generated scenarios allows to tailor the difficulty of proposed tasks to patient’s ability.
[Increased amount of practice]: The most fundamental principle in motor learning is that the degree of performance improvement is dependent on the amount of practice. Our systems allow to schedule high-intensity therapy sessions featuring playful and enjoyable setting scenarios.
[Continuous monitoring of performance]: our robotic solutions allow continuous recording of movement, automatic extraction of parameters for characterization of improvement over therapy sessions.

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